How To Sort Data In The List
August 22, 2018
Why Is My List Missing Data
August 22, 2018
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Step 1. Go to List view.

Step 2. Click on the arrow to the right of the category title in the header of the column you wish to filter.

Step 3a – Filter by Condition.   Filtering by condition allows you to filter (only see) rows that have data that meets a certain condition.  Click on the drop down box under Filter by Condition, select one of the options to filter by that condition, and type the value to match that condition.

Step 3b – Filter by Value.  Filtering by value allows you to filter rows that include whatever text you type in the text box.

Step 3c – Filter by Checkbox.  Filtering by checkbox allows you to see only the values that have checkboxes next to those values.

Step 4. Click OK. 


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