Frequently Asked Questions

ScoutSheet is a sales intelligence tool that helps you discover and connect to customers fast.  There are two primary applications for ScoutSheet.

Fill-Out Missing Data On An Existing List

If you’ve already got a list of people and organizations, copy and paste them into ScoutSheet’s dynamic list-building tool.  David, our AI and Machine Learning Network, searches the internet for missing data from your list and appends it to the missing columns of data (phone, address, email, social media profiles, job titles, websites, etc.).  Data is extracted live so that you get more accurate results.

Build a Custom List From Scratch

You let ScoutSheet know the industries and cities where you want to discover new customers.  David, our AI and Machine Learning Network searches the internet and provides you customers you didn’t even know existed.  Using our like/dislike qualifying tool, you train David by telling it the companies that meet your needs. David then uses its computing power to scour the internet for information about the companies you like. David puts this information on a live dynamic list that you can interact with like an Excel or Google spreadsheet.

ScoutSheet has some unique advantages that other sales tools are missing.

Live Data Extraction

All our data (phone, address, emails, websites, social media profiles, job titles) is collected the second you use ScoutSheet.  It doesn’t grab information from a static database like all other sales tools.  This means you get accurate information the second you need it.

Qualifying Tool

ScoutSheet lets you qualify companies it finds, allowing you to confirm whether they would be good prospects.  This means that you’re lists are custom built and you don’t waste your time chasing bad prospects.

Friendly & Familiar Interface

ScoutSheet has just a few simple steps and familiar interface (search bar, like/dislike, spreadsheet) to make it easy for anyone in your organization to use the program when they need it.

Super Fast

ScoutSheet can search over a thousand websites per second to help you collect information that would take you months to collect manually.  Even better, it works while you are off doing more important things.

Power of Relationship Mapping

ScoutSheet uses an advanced relationship mapping technology that collects how people on the Internet are connected.  ScoutSheet leverages this technology to make warmer recommendations for sales prospects.

You can signup for ScoutSheet by clicking here.

Not sure if it’s the right fit for you?  Schedule a time with one of our product specialists by clicking here.  We will help you analyze whether it’s a good fit and get you setup with a free trial so you can test it for yourself.

For a limited time, ScoutSheet is only $69.99 for 2,500 rows of data.

Yes.  Schedule a time with one of our product specialists by clicking here.  Within 24 hours we can help you analyze whether it’s a good fit and get you setup with a free trial.

ScoutSheet charges by usage to make the program affordable to more companies.   For $69.99/month users get 2,500 rows of data.  Anytime you add a new person or organization to your list, or when you use ScoutSheet’s search and qualify tool to add a new person or organization, you get charged for one row.  We build in additional rows to account for any data you provide that is bad or cannot be found.  If you need more data, just contact us ( and we can help you increase your row limits.

Visit our help center by going to or by clicking here.

Yes.  There are no long-term contracts or commitments to use ScoutSheet.  You can cancel at anytime.  To cancel, go to your admin panel in the top right of ScoutSheet.  Once in your admin panel, click on the red “Cancel Subscription” button.